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I'm a 25 polyvalent CG artist. Accumulating experiences as a freelancer or employee, I handle both 2D and 3D missions with passion. As a technology and innovation actor, I especially focus on the User Experience to improve the relevance of my projects.
#VirtualReality #Innovation #UX #Design

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Do cool stuffs to change the world.

Passion, ambition & energy. In combining these three components I do my best to bring innovation to each project.
With my enthusiam, my skills and my cookies I hope one day I will change the world!

Softwares and languages Used

2D: Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign - After Effects
3D: 3Ds Max - Zbrush - Quixel Suite - Substance Painter - Unity - C# - JavaScript
Web: HTML5 - CSS3 - PHP - MySQL - JavaScript

I am good at

Design & illustration

RealTime 3D - VR - AR

Web design & dev

Project Management

Making Cookies


What I did

  • Polyvalent Designer


    I provide a big range of services connected to each other to delivery the most pertinent and innovative projects.
    New customers : Pilm Innovation, Laval Agglomération, Laval Virtual, Laval French Tech #Web #Print #Illustration #AR #VR

  • Virtual Reality Designer

    Rakuten Inc.

    2 months.
    Main Graphist for a VR shopping experience.
    #VR #UX #Design #Unity

  • Technical Manager

    Laval Virtual

    3 years.
    Manage the technical aspects of the premier european event on Virtual Technologies and Uses. Manage the event competitions. Technological survey. Webmaster.
    #Event #VR #AR #Innovation

  • 3D Graphist

    Artefacto SAS

    3 months
    Create architectural 3D assets for AR & VR application.
    #VR #AR #Architecture

  • Polyvalent CG Artist


    2 Years
    Provide a full range of digital and print services.
    Bridgestone, L'Effet Papillon, FatCatJoe, etc.
    #3D #2D #Web #ProjetManagement


What I learnt

  • Realtime 3D


    Acquire the entire realtime 3D production process.
    Dissertation subject: "The importance of Gameplay for the user immersion".v Pro project : "Bliss project" - L'Effet Papillon - Shown at "Laval Virtual 2011" & "Intel Geek's so in #4".
    "Very Good" Certification.

  • Multimedia Conceptor

    IUT François Rabelais, Blois

    Polyvalent cursus: Programming, Design, Web, Video. "Very Good" Certification.

  • high school diploma in sciences

    Camille Claudel High School, Blois

    speciality Mathematics

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